Volunteer Opportunities

The DC EITC Campaign mobilizes a volunteer corps of more than 500 community members committed to providing high quality free tax assistance and promoting financial stability for hard-working families.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • Have strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Can read, speak and understand English proficiently
  • Have the patience to understand and answer questions that clients may have
  • Are comfortable working with diverse populations
  • Can commit to one four-hour session per week from the end of January until April 15th

For a detailed list of volunteer locations go to: http://www.dceitc.org/tax_sites.html

Tax Site Volunteer Role Descriptions:

Client Coordinator

The Client Coordinator ensures that taxpayers have brought all documents needed to preparer their tax return and that they qualify for free tax assistance. Client Coordinators perform an initial screening for eligibility and help clients start the required intake documents. After the returns are completed, Client Coordinators review outcomes with the taxpayers, provide the taxpayers with copies of their completed returns, and ensure that all their questions are answered.

  • Client Coordinators must have strong interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Client Coordinators must pay close attention to detail and be able to follow instructions for final file assembly.
  • Client Coordinator must attend one four-hour class in January and take the IRS Standards of Conduct test.
  • Client Coordinators are encouraged to attend a Basic Tax Law training session to increase their understanding of the tax process, but they do not have to pass IRS tax preparer certification tests.

Click here for Client Coordinator Registration and Training Details

Tax Preparers

Trainings are now over for the 2013-2014 tax season. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@communitytaxaiddc.org to find out about our current volunteer needs.

Tax Preparers work one-on-one with our clients preparing their federal and state income tax returns and ensuring that they receive all the credits and tax benefits for which they are eligible.

  • Preparers must have good computer skills and a strong attention to detail.
  • Prepares need excellent customer service skills, and the patience to understand and answer questions from clients about the tax preparation process and their tax situation.
  • Prior tax preparation experience, or having prepared your own returns, is helpful. All volunteers will be trained by the Campaign and complete the IRS Certification process in January.
  • First year tax preparers must complete three, four-hour classes in January and take the IRS Certification Test
  • Returning preparers are strongly encouraged to certify at the Advanced level

Click here for Tax Preparer Training and registration details.

SNAP/Food Stamp Outreach Specialist 

SNAP Outreach Specialists provide information on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as the food stamp program), screen clients for eligibility, and help clients complete SNAP applications. Volunteers will also provide clients with information and materials on other food resources and programs available to District residents.

  • SNAP Outreach Specialists should be enthusiastic, outgoing, compassionate, and willing to engage clients in a discussion about public benefits programs.
  • Previous experience with SNAP is not required.
  • Volunteers are strongly encouraged (though not required) to commit to a weekly timeslot (generally three to four hours) during the 11-week tax season at one of the DC sites where the SNAP outreach opportunity is offered
  • SNAP Outreach Specialists will attend a 3 hour training in January (arranged by DC Hunger Solutions), and will be will be supported by DC Hunger Solutions staff throughout their volunteer sessions.
  • SNAP Outreach Specialists are required to take and pass the online IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSC) training and pass the online VSC certification test.

Click here for SNAP/Food Stamp Outreach Specialist Registration and Training Details


Greeters welcome clients and assist them by orienting them to the process at the tax site. Greeters also work with the Site Coordinators to manage the flow of clients through the sites.

  • Greeters are required to take and pass the online IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSC) training and pass the online VSC certification test.
  • Greeters must be outgoing, organized, and have excellent customer service skills.
  • Greeters can deal effectively with interruptions and competing tasks.
  • Greeters can manage a crowd with effective communication and remain calm while still being organized.
  • Greeters must be willing to assist the Site Coordinator in the managing the flow of visitors to the tax site
  • Greeters help determine whether an interpreter will be necessary

Click here for Greeter Registration and Training Details


Interpreters help ease communication for taxpayers with limited English proficiency. Interpreters work closely with Tax Preparers to ensure that clients understand the tax preparation process. Interpreters also make sure that clients comprehend what is required of them so that they may play an active role in the process despite the language barrier.

  • Interpreters are required to take and pass the online IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSC) training and pass the online VSC certification test.
  • Interpreters are encouraged to attend the basic tax law training session to increase their understanding of the tax process, but they do not have to pass the IRS tax preparer certification tests.
  • The Campaign needs both interpreters who can commit to specific tax sites and interpreters who will be available on-call for sites that do not have a steady demand for this service and for languages that are not spoken regularly at our tax sites.
  • The languages most commonly spoken at tax sites are Spanish, Cantonese, and Amharic. There is also a need for American Sign Language, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, and French.

Click here for Interpreter Registration and Training Details

Volunteer Reviewer*

Reviewers are responsible for ensuring that returns prepared by the Campaign are accurate and complete. After preparation, every tax return is reviewed by a Reviewer who must complete the mandated quality review forms before a tax return is released to a client or filed electronically. Reviewers must certify as an Advanced preparer and attend Quality Reviewer training.

*This position is generally filled by individuals formally identified by the Campaign prior to the tax season.  If you have not been contacted by the Campaign and are interested in this position, send an email to miren@communitytaxaiddc.org.

Click here for Reviewer Registration and Training Details

Site Coordinator*

Site Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the operations at a tax site, ensuring that all required procedures are followed and that the site is in compliance with all IRS requirements. They are responsible for managing the workflow at the site and assigning volunteers as needed to ensure efficient operation of the tax site. Site Coordinators should have previous experience working at a volunteer income tax site and have a basic understanding of the tax preparation process Site Coordinators must complete Site Coordinator training, IRS Intake and Review Training, Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSC) training, and pass the VSC certification test. Site Coordinators are usually identified by the Campaign. If you are interested in serving in this role, send an email to miren@communitytaxaiddc.org.

PLEASE NOTE: Starred (*) positions are filled by individuals formally identified by the Campaign prior to the tax season. Depending on the tax site, these roles may be filled by volunteers, or by seasonal paid staff. If you are interested in being considered for one of the positions, send an email to miren@communitytaxaiddc.org. The Campaign will contact interested volunteers based on staffing needs.